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Herring gull juvenile (Larus argentatus)

Observed: 4th June 2012 By: david1973
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Herring gull juvenile (Larus argentatus)
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Not strictly a juvenile, as this bird was born in 2011 and has started to replace some of its feathers, like the grey coming through on the mantle. Juveniles are darker and have the beak wholly dark. Strictly speaking, this is a 2nd calendar year bird.

It's still a Herring Gull, though!


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It's quite common for people to refer to any gull (or other bird) which shows signs of immaturity in its plumage as a juvenile.

'Juvenile' has a very specific meaning to ornithologists and most birders though, and refers only to a bird in its first full plumage. As soon as it starts to moult it will no longer be a juvenile.

An alternative term, which can be used for any bird that is not fully adult is 'immature'.