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Observed: 13th June 2012 By: Omi

Hi, does anyone know what would have been in here? Thanks

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Another parasite pupae/cocoon

Another parasite pupae/cocoon larva having exited the caterpillar or sawfly larva? Appears to have been feeding on Rumex sp.


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Thank you

Thanks for your comment Brock, very helpful. :)

Thank you David for sorting me out again! :)

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Ichneumonid wasp

happy tohelp, you find some interesting things; if you still have it the cocoon above will produce a wasp in due course.

Great pics of an ichneumonid wasp ovipositing on your blog. Possibly Ephialtes manifestator, although there are some similar ones.

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To David

Thanks for your kind comments, David, and for another possible id. I'll update my video post to include it. My blog wouldn't be half as exciting to write without your ids. Thank you!