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Observed: 11th July 2012 By: KeithSloan

Our new pond Dec 2011 had a couple of new visitors 11/07/12. We have had common blue and large red in abundance for a while, but I did not recognise the new visitors. I did not get a picture, but it was identical to this picture I found on the web (Somebody else trying to identify )

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In the UK a damselfly that looked exactly like the attached photo would be a Blue-tailed Damselfly (a mature female of the form rufescens-obsoleta.
If you have these visiting your pond you should also find that you have Blue-tailed Damselflies of other colour forms visiting as well - look at some of the "other observations" attached to this one, or use an internet search to find images. Teneral (recently emerged) individuals of other species could appear very similar though.

On another matter, you shouldn't use photos "found on the web" to illustrate your observations - and certainly not without the photographers permission!
Images that 'look like' what you saw may not be the same species which can lead to incorrect identifications for what you saw (correct identification of the photo does not equal correct identification of the observed individual(s) - especially with invertebrates which may be separated by very minor features).

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Thanks for your comments. I

Thanks for your comments. I will just give up then and go back to stamp collecting, as I am obviously breaking all the rules.

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No offence intended.

I had no intention of causing any offence with my comment, and I certainly do not want to discourage anyone from taking an interest in the wildlife around them.

If you want an identification for something that you have seen it usually is better to just give as complete a description as you can though if you don't have any photos, because if you do attach a photo any IDs given will tend to be based on the photo (even if your addition details make it clear that it was different in some way).

Using other peoples photos without their permission is a copyright issue - but if the photo is already on the WEB and you do want to use it as an example of a something that looked similar you can always provide a link to the photo on the website where you found it.