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Slug Nematodes

Has anyone tried making their own nematodes by collecting slugs and putting them in water to go slushy and SMELLY! Then watering this strained liquid into plant pots and around the garden, also putting the dead slugs around?

I have read and heard about this and started to try it out, but not sure if it is efffective, or kind!

Thanks to all.



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will wait to see how you get

will wait to see how you get on! Its not 'making' nematodes but growing the ones that might already be in the slug I suspect.

Presumably this is as a form of biological control as there certainly have been huge numbers of slugs arond in the south of England this year.

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A bit late in the day, this, but I imagine the effects would be similar to spreading any sort of rotting animal remains around the garden. That is, smelly & encouraging to all detritivores, like bacteria, fungi & perhaps carrion-eating beetles. I suppose it might encourage any slug-destroying nematodes that were present but I don't know enough about their lifecycle to be sure: can they even survive outside the slug & a rotting dead slug at that?