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15mm moth

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15mm moth
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Hi Martin I don't think it is

Hi Martin
I don't think it is corylana for the reasons given i.e. in corylana the rear edge of the basal fascia runs obliquely and more or less paralell with the median fascia which is definitely not the case in the moth shown in the photograph. In cerasana the basal and median fasciae diverge from each other as in the case of the pictured moth. Some cerasana do show a certain amount of reticulation on the wings.
It is not a great picture for identification purposes because of the angle at which it is taken so I would agree that the safest course is to just id it to genus and agree it is Pandemis sp.

Jonathan Wallace

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comments and having looked at it again I entirely agree with you that cerasana is the most likely ID (I hadn't seen your ID when I added mine).

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re above

thankyou martin and jonathan, regards keith.