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Red-breasted bird

Observed: 11th July 2012 By: DaveDenison
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete

A small bird (about the size of a chaffinch). Pink/red chest,grey/brown underparts, darker back, but no other obvious markings. Sharp narrow beak

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Identification as chaffinch

Sorry, folks, but I don't agree with this identification as chaffinch. The beak, in particular was much more needle shaped than the triangular finch beak. The colouring was also wrong - the pink was only at top of chest and not under the belly, no white flashings on wings, and no grey capping. There are lots of chaffinches on this birdtable, but this doesn't look like any of them. Comments on moult noted, but I'm still sceptical.
Dave D.

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I can sort of see what you mean about the beak. To be honest, it looks very much as if the lower mqndible has been broken and is mostly missing. The upper mandible looks like part of a Chaffinch beak. The black at the base of the beak and the general colour looks right for Chaffinch. Did it seem a normal, healthy bird? Have you got any other pictures?

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You could be right - the bird was not very active, and did seem very round (as if feathers puffed up). On the other hand it had flown to the bird table, and presumably was there to feed. We think we have seen this bird or similar in the locality before, but no other pictures. Will keep a look out for more!

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Definitely a Chaffinch.

Although it may not look the way we normal expect Chaffinches to look, it is definitely a male Chaffinch.

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Give in!

OK, I give in! You guys are the experts, and tho' I'd never have taken it for a chaffinch, I'll accept your word. Thanks for the help and the patience.

Dave D.