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Little japanese umbrella (mushroom) (biodiversity0

Observed: 11th July 2012 By: nghs
little japanese umbrella (mushroom) (biodiversity)

Small umbella shaped mushroom.


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Easy to agree visually. But, we'll be told it's impossible without a microscope and some spore!

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I would agree with that but

I would agree with that but the most common mistake is to put this name to a "parasol" in woodland and it is almost always P. Leptocephala.

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Blind post

I'd say, Malcolm, off hand, that this is not a woodland photo - if ONLY posters would give us more information!
It really does not look like Mycena leptocephala - (searching for P. Leptocephala yields no useful material - so might you have the old name).
This picture has all the visual attributes of the lovely Pleated Inkcap (Parasola plicatilis) as you've already asserted.
IF we are to give agreements to photographs, then it can only be on the visual clues unless we have far less Blind Posting - which I normally leave well alone.

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Not an old name but an old

Not an old name but an old typist. Mixing my Coprinus and Mycena, it should be Parasola leiocephala. I will post an observation of this species for comparison.