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Observed: 1st July 2012 By: janetavjanetav’s reputation in Mammalsjanetav’s reputation in Mammals

A family of these regularly visited the garden of the cottage we were staying at to eat seeds dropped from the bird feeder. The cottage was in rural, farm/grassland surroundings and next to a stream.

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scientific name

You need to put the scientific name on just click on the get recommended button and iSpot will do it for you.I have a family of these in my stone wall as I live in a rural area I put monkey nuts out for them and watch them carrying them back to there nest.


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scientific name

Thanks, I have added the scientific name - will remember that for future spots :o) There were loads of drystone walls in the vicinity so I guess the voles may well have been living in one of those.

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Bank vole

The rich chestnut/ginger coat and relatively lona bank vole.

Graham Banwell

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