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Unidentified pupa

Observed: 29th March 2009 By: lillashawlillashaw’s reputation in Invertebrateslillashaw’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pupa - 1
Pupa - 2

Found in a small, urban garden, this appeared to be some sort of pupa. However, what eventually hatched out of it was two medium-sized flies - on closer inspection it appears whatever was in the pupa may have been parasitised? (There seemed to be fly pupae within it.) I'd like to know what made the original casing!


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Do you still have the flies?, they are almost certainly Tachinids of some sort.

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No, afraid not - it was a few

No, afraid not - it was a few years ago now! I originally thought they'd somehow got into the pot I'd kept the pupa in, so let them go, only realising afterwards that they'd come out of the pupa itself.

Thanks for the help!