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Observed: 19th July 2012 By: Peggy Semler

Several jellyfish, varying in size from about 5 - 18cm in diameter. Observed on incoming tide. Almost completely colourless, apart from pale lines running from inner to outer "ring".

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Aequoria info

This isn't 1 of our 6 or 7 uk jellyfish ,nor a vellella or Portug. m.o.w. (& is news to me). It's a hydromedusan,class hydrozoa according to WoRMS. describes 3 species but the 3rd, A. macrodactyla, looks different in google images; & NBN gateway (=list of uk species) includes a 4th, Aequorea pensilis with no photos on net but illustrates & describes it (eg only 16 marginal tentacles)
for A. vitrina info see
& for A.forskalea
,they eg give sizes & uk distribution.

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At there's an Orkney photo by Penny Martin 2011 (she wrote vitrina??)& clicking REPORTS gives shots of 1 at Suffolk.+it says any reports are welcome.

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Identifying exact species looks to be challenging! I think I'm going to go back to where we saw them, and see if I can get a better look at them and/or bring a specimen home! Someone else has pointed me at the reports, but they don't seem to help identify which species of Aequorea is which either!

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Aequorea vitrina

Having now managed to find a further example and have a good look at it, I am now satisfied that this is A. vitrina! This example - see 3rd pic - is about 8cm in diameter, has about 100 radial canals, and several times more tentacles. I suspect there are probably quite a lot of them still around the area.

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reckon you've cracked it

Amazing still there 9 days or more on, & with yr 3rd I'd say the best photod uk Aequoria on the net! I also agree with your conclusion (provided species-identification is right). In fact I phoned MarLIN about your find & they saw it on the net & were interested & said they'd add it to their records; but couldnt herself commit as to species but would get an expert opinion.Anyway their phone no. etc is at
(& we might even get an expert identification)

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Returning to this

As another post has been made; as Chris says, the jelly in the jar is excellent, and the numerous tentacles suggest A. vitrina. So if you add the full id for your post I'll be happy to agree to it.
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