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What beetle?

Observed: 20th April 2010 By: MikebeeMikebee’s reputation in InvertebratesMikebee’s reputation in Invertebrates

Tiny beetle approx. 2mm in length found in the bottom pull-out inspection drawer of a beehive kept in a garden. I hope the photo is big enough to see them.

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In the pollen

There is a good amount of pollen on the pull-out drawer, having fallen or been dropped by the bees. So the beetles were amongst the pollen. Thanks for poss ident.

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The abdomen/elytra seem too pointed to be Epuraea aestiva - this one is shield-shaped rather than oval. Posibly the case for a match for any Nitdulidae????
It is likely to be a pest of stored food, so there ought to be a photo' somewhere on the www.

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Epuraea looks a good option to me, and there are some similar looking beetles illustrated here:

Epuraea unicolor looks rather similar, but it's not possible to confirm this from the photos. The natural history of Epuraea beetles does not seem to be very well known, but I don't think they are generally pests of stored food - adults of some species are often seen on flowers, but larvae of some species are associated with fungi, and some with sap runs, and are sometimes found in the burrows of bark beetles. A beetle that likes sap and fungi could conceivably find a comfortable home among the detritus in a bee hive, but that is speculation.

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As long as it's not a Small Hive Beetle I'm happy.

The small hive beetle is a major problem for beekeepers in the USA and, as yet it's not over here but quite likely to arrive at some stage.

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As long as it's not this I'm happy.

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