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Which Calopteryx species?

Observed: 17th June 2012 By: Bufo bufoBufo bufo’s reputation in InvertebratesBufo bufo’s reputation in InvertebratesBufo bufo’s reputation in Invertebrates
Calopteryx sp.
Calopteryx sp.
Calopteryx sp.
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Definitely a Demoiselle!

I'm going to take the "cop out" option on this one and just agree that it is a Demoiselle. It might be a Beautiful Demoiselle, C. virgo, but I'm far from certain.

The wing colour on the upper two photos in particular, although not as obvious as on many individuals, does seem to have the orangey-brown tinge which is typical of Beautiful Dem., and the position of the false pterostigma in relation to the apex of the wing also seems to point to Beautiful. There is overlap though, and both characters are probably close to the overlap between the two.
Personally I have never found the colour of the pale bar on the dorsal side of the last abdomen segments to be of any real use for ID.

To add to the problem, these two species have been proved to hybridise where they occur together - and female hybrids may not be distinguishable in the field.

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Hello RoyW Many thanks for

Hello RoyW

Many thanks for your reply, I wasn't aware they hybridise. I think I'll go with your suggestion and file this one as a Demoiselle sp.