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Andrena hattorfiana on Isle of Wight

Observed: 8th July 2012 By: RobSpotRobSpot’s reputation in InvertebratesRobSpot’s reputation in InvertebratesRobSpot’s reputation in Invertebrates
Andrena hattorfiana female on  field scabious
Andrena hattorfiana male on field scabious

This is the second year I have seen this bee on Field Scabious in Adgestone, and I think it is Andrena hattorfiana.
This species is not shown for the Isle of Wight on the NBN Gateway distribution map.
I'm hoping to see the parasitic bee associated with it, Nomada armata, but no luck so far.

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Nice find. I hope you do find Nomada armata which is really very infrequent away from Salisbury Plain.

Your pic is certainly A. hattorfiana - I saw my first males of the species 2 weeks ago

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Thank you

I hope to return to the site this week, weather permitting.