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Observed: 20th June 2012 By: Omi
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Does anyone know what these will be when they emerge? Thanks

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Hi Omi, I found one of these

Hi Omi,

I found one of these before under a fencing post lying on the ground. Photographed it and put it up but as yet I still havent a clue what it is.

It'd be good to know what these are, hopefully someone will ID this?


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Hi Cathal

Thanks for leaving a comment. Looks like David Notton has identified it for us :) I realized after uploading, that I should have put the 2 pictures up separately but maybe they are the same thing, just different species.

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Cheers Omi, and thanks David

Cheers Omi, and thanks David for clearing this up for both of us.

I think its fine to post multiple pics of one object under a single observation Omi, it'd be different if it were seperate objects that were distinctly different things.


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Thanks for the reassurance Cathal :) and thanks David for the id.