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Is this a Hybrid Pyramidal Orchid

Observed: 8th July 2012 By: Maria-bee
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Not 100% sure, but mathces

Not 100% sure, but mathces this species more than any other.

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Its either fragrant or

Its either fragrant or pyramidal, the ones in the background look like fragrant but foreground one might be pyramidal.
Just checked the site and I have seen many thousands of fragrant there. But on balance I would go for pyramidal.

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well one on right is normal

well one on right is normal pyramidal. I have seen several very small pyramidals this year at other sites with just a few flowers and looking very miserable

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Could this be a hybrid?

Thank you for all your help so far. I have made a few alterations to the initial question, because I’ve added some additional information and a new image. I was wondering if it could possibly be a hybrid?

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I did think initially it was

I did think initially it was a Pyramidal Orchid, but I compared it to another image that I had taken onsite of the apparently the same species and there where subtle differences between the two. I have included the other image next to it. Could this be potentially a hybrid?

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hybrids with fragrant do

hybrids with fragrant do occur but rare and not sure if they have been recorded from Buckinghamshire.