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Male and female spider in web, possible spider bite.

Observed: 1st July 2012 By: af5496
spiders in web
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I was picking some strawberries in my garden the other day when I felt a sharp scratch on my finger, when I turned the leaf over, I saw these two spiders possibly a male and female in a small silk web.
I think I might have accidentally disturbed them and one has bitten me, although I'm not sure of the species.
My finger swelled up a lot and it felt like a wasp sting, the picture of my finger is a week after the bite and had gone down considerably.
It might be a coincidence, but I have been feeling a bit faint and dizzy since the bite.
Can someone please give me an idea of the species and to let me know if this species is known to bite.
Thank you
I apologise for the rubbish pictures , but I wanted to get in and out pretty quick.
Also when I checked today one of the spiders has been eaten by the other and is left in the nest, the other is long gone.

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I think your right. Is this

I think your right.
Is this species known to bite?

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Spider bites -

I believe that quite a few UK species can and do bite humans. I first encountered this some years ago, trying to learn dry-stone walling (in fact, learning that it is a lot more difficult than it looks). I saw lots of spiders during the first day, and after a shower that evening was surprised at finding several small red or itchy spots on my hands. The expert working with us assured me that this was not at all uncommon, but that he had never been badly affected - the bites are at worst, irritant.

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I'd be surprised if this was what bit you but can't rule it out. Enoplognatha ovata is a very common species and I've not heard of it biting people before. However, as Amadan says, there are several native UK species that can bite though the effects aren't normally severe.
In your first picture the spider on the left is an adult male.