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Some type of bee or wasp?

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Merseyside spots

Hello, I run Merseyside BioBank, the local records centre for North Merseyside (Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley & St Helens), we manage species sightings and other environmental information for our area.

One of our volunteers recently mentioned this sighting to me as this species has never before been recorded in our area (up until today we thought his was the first!).

Your spot doesn't seem to have made it on to the NBN Gateway and i was hoping you might allow me to enter it into our database?

Records of sightings such as this are put to a variety of uses if you are willing or interested in knowing more i would be happy to talk further. My work email is (01517 374 155) or if you use it our facebook and twitter accounts can be used for open discussions (@NMBiodiversity and

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Hi, apologies for getting

Hi, apologies for getting back to you so late, I've only just seen this comment. Yeah that's fine I don't mind you putting it onto your database.

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Thank you! it will be held

Thank you! it will be held temporarily until the system Martin mentions is set up. It really is a great spot and the earliest record for North Merseyside (sorry Bob if you're reading this!).

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Ben, just to say that it has always been our intention to make records from iSpot available to local records centres, but we are still awaiting an upgrade to our geographical filtering in order to do this. But it should become possible in the not too distant future!

Some records have been going to the national recording schemes, but I don't think the sawfly scheme data is up on the NBN yet.

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Cheers Martin, this one was

Cheers Martin, this one was flagged by a volunteer as there were no previous records and he had just found one! Unfortunately it looks like he didn't get there first and queried why the information wasn't available.

I wondered if it was possible to get some kind of stop gap in until sightings were available via another route.