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Giant geranium?

Observed: 8th July 2012 By: geralds
overall form and habitat
leaf detail

Occurs in same place every year, so assumed to be perennial. Height to 2.5 meters, flowering in July.
Extremely thin, straggly appearance, with smaller leaves towards the top of the plant. Plants grow in clusters, but are not abundant. Flower diameter about 3 cm. Marly soil, ph = 8.0.

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Looks like a Malva sepecies to me. Not sure which one - Malva alcea, perhaps?

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Thanks for the previous comment. I agree it could be a Malva - but according to Wikipedia, Malva alcea grows to only 125cm. Also, alcea flowers appear to be larger, and grow in clusters: in my specimen, the flowers grow singly. The 5-lobed leaf shape is about right, though. Are there any giant Malvas?

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I agree with Tim that it is Malva species some Mallows can grow over 3m in height


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Althaea cannabina

Thanks for the identification, lavateraguy: this one had really been bothering me! I'm pretty sure you are right - from all the photos I have managed to find, plus the fact that the location is Mediterranean, with a calcareous soil.