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Language -

Has the automatic spell-checking been switched to US English recently, or has it always set this way? I've only recently noted the odd highlighted word that is accepted if I change it to the US version.
Hardly something to make a fuss about, but those of us who are old enough to have had "proper" spelling drilled (and sometimes smacked!) into us feel more comfortable with the UK version.



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Browser setting?

I think this is likely to be a setting in your browser. In Firefox you would change the language using the Context Menu (usually Right Mouse Button) whilst editing a field.

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Ah ha!

Another web site or application appears to have disabled the UK English dictionary add-on. I should have suspected this - it used to be a regular problem (it may still be) of opening downloaded or otherwise imported Word documents: they could change the default language to US English.
Thanks for the advice.

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I now refuse to accept the spell check and look in my battered dictionary as I will not become Americanised it get's on my nerves not just spelling but how we pronounce thing's too.I also had it battered into me with spelling at school when we got the strap or a blackboard rubber thrown at us if we were wrong.