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Reputation changed on app

I have been using the app for a few weeks and it really is great - very useful and easy to use.
I notice, however, that there is a difference in my app 'invertebrate' reputation (3 symbols)compared to my main site invertebrate reputation (2 symbols). I have only 12 invertebrate IDs so I am sure the main site is correct. Reputations in all other groups are the same on the app and main site.
This is, I know, a very minor point, but I was curious as to why there should be any difference.




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Invert rep.

I also have this... quirk..? my Invert level is 3 on the main site and 4 on the app (three being the correct one) all else is good.

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Oh dear! I thought that we

Oh dear! I thought that we had fixed this bug, which we did notice during testing.

Our developers are now working on the next, much improved, version of the app, so rather than distract them with correcting this minor bug, we shall just make sure that it is not present in the next version. Thanks for drawing it to our attention.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)