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Parmelia sp?

Observed: 6th July 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Growing on a plum tree; on the older part of the thallus there are, I think, soredia looking rather like a crust; the lobes are blue-grey on top with black rhizines beneath, but too small for me to see their shape clearly. Picture 1 taken on a bright, sunny day. Picture 2 on a rainy day.


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Have courage ..

Hi Ginny,

Yes it's a Parmelia. They can be tricky but photo 2 confirms there are soredia there. So you've done the difficult bit, so post an ID of a green-grey sorediate Parmelia and we can add agreement and add to your iSpot "reputation" points (so long as you don't suggest P. submontana or try foisting P. encryptata on us).


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Possibly Parmelia sulcata

It has taken me hours of trying to cross check everything and I think P. sulcata is the most likely candidate. I could wish for better eyesight and a better hand lense too!

What is alarming is that if it took me so long to discover what this one might be, how long will it take me to identify all the other lichens just on this one tree?!