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Red Fox

Observed: 7th July 2012 By: jeremyrjeremyr’s reputation in Mammalsjeremyr’s reputation in Mammalsjeremyr’s reputation in Mammals

a couple of the three cubs outside the flat as usual early this morning
Update: All three are still alive, see comments for video

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I have a photo

Of my late border collie, having been told to sit and pose for a picture, and not entirely happy about it. Exactly the same expression as the first one here! Really excellent shots!

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Gorgeous pictures, thanks.

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I think they are always a joy to see sadly the ones in the countryside are not as keen on showing themselves so good to see them that's the good thing about iSpot.


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fox friend

the boldest of the three has lost all its fear and plays with the dog a lot, it will run straight up to her and lie flat then skip from side to side to get her to chase it. When she does the fox will skip round behind her and sometimes give the dog a cheeky nip on the tail. It is fascinated by ball games and will sometimes pinch the ball and run off. It has a pile of toys in a nearby garden. The other two siblings are still quite nervous

Some video of feeding time, the fox is less than 2 metres from the camera

latest pics and diptera videos

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What an expression!

Thank you for beautiful photos. We especially liked the expression on the first photo. Please keep us updated!