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Garden perennial weed

Observed: 20th April 2010 By: mark.sheridan

My wife thinks this is a self-seeded cyclamen but I think it is a common dog-violet?

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It is one or other viola

It is one or other viola species or hybrid.
For whatever reason there are LOTS flowering in my garden this year - normally I hardly see a flower as they will set seed cleistogamously - self-fertilisation without opening the flowers.
Neither of the commonly-grown cyclamen is in flower currently, and no cyclamen flower is blue-violet - they are all pink-red with some white sports/cultivars.
C. coum flowers very early in the year, finishing around now (possibly still in flower way north in the UK), C. hederifolia flowers very late summer into autumn. Cyclamen also grow from a corm that will be very obvious before it gets to flowering size (15mm+).