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Unknown Invert- Bolton Abbey

Observed: 24th June 2012 By: allrounderallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bolton Abbey 2 inch22.6.12

This critter was crawling around, aimlessly in grass, adjacent to a path and in ancient woodland. Its movements were laboured and was seen following a heavy shower. Is was large. About 2 inches long.

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A Birch Sawfly but it wouldn"t be 2 inches ,I do think sawfly though.Have looke further and think identification added is better


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Thanks Foxy

I don't think 2inches is an over estimate. It was its size that first drew me to it. Could it have been knocked from the branches following the heavy rain shower?

Please see my Flickr photo's

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Given the downpours over here at moment its very lightly ,but some big insects require the heat of sun to help them fly (bumblebees and butterflies anyway ) so it wouldn"t surprise me if it was the same with this guy , he might have to dry out before flying again.It was a nice find anyway , makes up for the weather when you find something new !


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This looks a good match for genus Trichiosoma, but I'm not sure if we can go any further than that without seeing it from more angles, ideally including the underside of the abdomen. But whatever the species it's a great insect to see, none of them are common nowadays.

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