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Male Stonechat

Observed: 4th July 2012 By: GentalisGentalis’s reputation in BirdsGentalis’s reputation in BirdsGentalis’s reputation in Birds
Male Stonechat
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ID Comment

The latest scientific name for this bird is Saxicola rubicola, following a recent split. You may be corrected by someone adding a revised ID or not as the case may be. Just for your information.

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Scientific name

..or we could give Gentalis time to add a revised ID with the correct scientific name!

Following the split Saxicola torquatais the scientific name which applies to the African Stonechat (unfortunately Ispot takes a while to catch up with changes like this, even if they are universally accepted elsewhere).

Personally I won't now give agreement to any European Stonechats posted with the S. torquata (or S. torquatus) scientific name.