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Goat willow1 DSCF2044

Observed: 22nd June 2012 By: kw6947
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Goat willow1 DSCF2044
Goat willow1R DSCF2240
Goat willow leaf01a
Goat willow1 DSCF2241

The trunk of this tree is distorted and runs along the ground for about a metre and then turns upwards where it spreads out into 4 main stems, with a fifth coming out of the side of the base. Measured at ground level the girth at base is 2.940metres including the fifth stem. The girth of the main trunk, without the fifth stem, measured 2.430metres at 550mm above ground level. The stems from the main trunk measured at 1.500metres were, from left to right, ( See picture Goat Willow1R dscf2240) a.810mm just visible at the back,b. 1180mm (there is a sixth trunk coming out of it), c. 1110mm not really visible behind b, and d.1050mm. The fifth stem runs horizontally, on the right, was 770mm at 1.5m along its length. It has a lot of moss on the base. The walking pole is 1.250metres high to give some idea of scale.

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I cannot say what it is, but Goat Willow would not have pointed leaves like these.