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Yellow Fan

Observed: 5th July 2012 By: western volewestern vole’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenswestern vole’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenswestern vole’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Yellow Fan
Yellow Fan & £2 coin

About 12 small troops of between 10-20 fruitbodies in a grass clearing within a larch plantation. Each was very small, about 20-30mm high with a pale yellow flatened spatula head and narrow white stem.


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Is your location marker

Is your location marker fairly accurate as this normally grows with conifers and you seem to have put it in the broadleaved section. Might see if I can get over there to have a look.

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it's not fussy

Noted that the query is about location, but while S. flavida is most common in conifer plantations (esp. on larch, as here, or spruce needles) it can grow on other acid litter. I have once found it on bracken debris.


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It is on the current

It is on the current "provisional" red data list so is quite unusual


Ps is that not conifer litter I see in the photo;)

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Yellow Fan

The litter is needles and the broken husks of the larch cones.

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Yellow Fan

That part of the new wood (NW end)has a small larch plantation, these are located on the eastern edge of the larch trees. I believe you are from MK and know the wood,it's not Bluebell Wood ! They're located on the edge of the larch trees beside what was an old bike jump area, which you may be aware off.

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I found this last year about Sept and had it recorded on the red data list mine was in conifer and there was also a few larch about too.It is worth reporting as data is very important
very nice find will go and see if the one I found is back.


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Nipped out there this evening

Nipped out there this evening and spotted it before seeing your extra location info. I'd not been to that wood before so was nice to see it, also not see that fungus species before.
Probably was not the exact bit you found but there were several patches around under the larch. Found virtually nothing else all over woods just one or two laccaria etc.
Actually I did not spot the bits in grassy areas and all the ones I found had not a whiter stem but instead were yellowish all over.