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Sand Couch on Scheveningen sand dune

Observed: 4th July 2012 By: V.Arteaga
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Found on embryo dune in Scheveningen, Netherlands.

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Elytrigia juncea has larger,

Elytrigia juncea has larger, but fewer spikelets and lives at the front of the beach, before the Marram grass starts. This may be E. athrica or a hybrid, as these are quite common.

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I think you are right: it

I think you are right: it looks a lot more like E. atherica than E. juncea. Thankyou for the help!

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I'm sorry to anyone I may

I'm sorry to anyone I may have offended with my 'revised identification', I was unsure as to how the website worked with regards to reputations etc... It was not my intention to essentially 'poach' the identification, I am now much better informed and realise that clicking the 'I agree' button was sufficient. Thankyou for everyone's help identifying this species, and again I apologise.