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Scientific name for passerines' bouncing flight

It means the way small birds (finches) fly in alternating bouts of flapping and gliding on closed wings.

It's a scientific term my friend learned in a college biology class. It wasn't "bounce"; she keeps thinking it's something like "barong" but that's definitely NOT it. However, she thinks the word starts with letter b.

We had no success on our web searching; could ornithologists here help?



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Flight pattern

I've heard "bounding" used to describe it which has the benefit of beginning with 'b' as you request but is hardly a scientific term.

Probably the most frequent term is undulating which is (at least vaguely) scientific sounding but doesn't begin with b.

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Yeah, i'd always heard "undulating" although i love Greenfinches display flight whch looks alot more energy efficient.