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Whose eggs?

Observed: 4th July 2012 By: SheilaCurzon
Eggs on wood avens
Eggs on valerian

Eggs laid neatly on underside of various leaves all in the same area an inch or two above ground level. The eggs are shaped like tacks in that they are on stalks and have a more bulbous but slightly flattened top. They are orange, which attracted me to them. I though it was rust, but on closer inspection saw that they are probably eggs. Laid in lines or maybe along veins in the leaves.
The leaves include wood avens and valerian, so not really host specific.
For scale the wood avens leaf in the first picture is about 3cm across.


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Most interesting, they

Most interesting, they certainly resemble fungus sporing bodies.


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C. minutum

C. minutum is a slime mould (myxomycetes) which can grow on herbaceous perennials. Orange with a flat paler lid.

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slime mould

Thanks for quick id. I'll watch out for the spores as they mature - maybe get some more pictures.

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oh and....

It might be worth moving to the fungi section (although not strictly speaking a fungi at all)

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All this moisture certainly

All this moisture certainly brings out the Slime Moulds I've had Mucilago crustacea on grass already this year & a similar thing, producing brown spores, on a wood-chip heap.


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check the links