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Observed: 22nd September 2012 By: af4587af4587’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensaf4587’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
underside IMG_1242
brown when bruised IMG_1245
IMG_1552 - white spores?

pound coin placed alongside to give an idea of size


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It is difficult to tell from

It is difficult to tell from the photo but there does look to be a brown spore deposit which would rule out Perenniporia.

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colour of spores

It's a bit of a shaky photo but I've added a recent one which seems to show white spore deposits under it...what do you reckon?

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That certainly looks like a

That certainly looks like a white spore print so rules out Ganoderma. That leaves us with the two you suggested but I am not sure which one.

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that may be a remnant of the rook debris I cleared from around it... I've added another photo of seemingly younger ones round the other side.

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more photos added

It is really hard to the touch, still growing. Goes brown when bruised.
The other option is it's rigidiporous ulmarius, but I'm more confident now that it's perennipiroria fraxinea. I should have cut a segment out to check the colour of tubes and pores - will do that next visit.