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First Blackbird Chick of 2012 in my backyard

Observed: 24th April 2012 By: iPhiliPhil’s reputation in BirdsiPhil’s reputation in Birds
First Blackbird Chick of 2012

This is the first Blackbird Fledgeling sitting on my feeder in the back yard. It didn't eat. It waited for the male Blackbird to come to the feeder and pestered for a meal. He was ignored and flew off after it's Dad.
I usually have a pair of nesting Blackbirds in the Ivy climbing the car port. Not this year though, although I have two pairs of Blackbirds visiting the feeder frequently. They prefer the sultanas over the bird feed and sometimes already have worms and other insects in their beaks. They manage to top up with a sultana or two and fly off. They don't get on very well and they are always chasing each other if they meet in the yard or nearby roofs.

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