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Solder beetle Cantharis

Observed: 24th May 2012 By: Philip BriggsPhilip Briggs’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilip Briggs’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilip Briggs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Solder beetle Cantharis
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Cantaris rustica

See also this page which is linked in our local recording centre TRY it Species page. It also has a large spot on its pronotum which can be seen in the image above

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Cantharis rustica

Thanks both for the info. I thought it might be C. rustica too based on the shape and position of the spot on the pronotum but was uncertain as I couldn't see much red on the legs. However from other photos it does seem like the amount of red can be minimal. I've added my agreement above. Thanks!