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Donacia beetle (LWC 17June12)

Observed: 17th June 2012 By: Philip BriggsPhilip Briggs’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilip Briggs’s reputation in InvertebratesPhilip Briggs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Donacia beetle (LWC 17June12)

On bur-reed so seems likely to be Donacia vulgaris but couldn't see the expected red/blue sheen down the middle of the elytra.

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Thanks for the information. I've found other photos labelled D. vulgaris that look similar to mine (though most are more colourful) but it also looks similar to photos of D. impressa, so I've added my agreement that it should just be identified as Donacia.

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D. thalassina is another

D. thalassina is another possibility. Impressa is usually maroon. But I've never seen thalassina or impressa on Typha. So, yes, best left at Donacia sp.