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Necropolis Lichen 10

Observed: 3rd July 2012 By: eh4577
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Lichen Study 015

Grey-green crustose lichen


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    Crustose lichen
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Glasgow lichens

I keep meaning to look at the Glasgow Necropolis myself, but I have to say that churchyards and cemeteries in this area are usually very disappointing. The long history of industrial atmospheric pollution has still left its mark and lichens on gravestones are still commonly very poorly developed or immature.

Quite often, when they have developed a little further, they turn out to be Porpidia tuberculosa, and the lichens in the photo may be this, but they are too young to be readily identified, and as always with crustose lichens, photographic definition has to be really pin-sharp. The green may well be 'escaped' algae on the thallus surfaces - again an indicator, I think, of less than ideal conditions.

I am adding agreement to "crustose lichen" as I don't think this one can be taken any further.


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Since writing the above, I see there are more observations of lichens from the Necropolis (I guess that's why this observation is headed 'Necropolis lichen 10'), and the very next one down is indeed P. tuberculosa.

I haven't looked at the others yet, working down.


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Thanks Alan. Yes, I have to

Thanks Alan.

Yes, I have to say I was expecting to find a lot more than I did find in the Necropolis. I wondered if the brewery might have had some effect on it?