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Common Seal

Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: ercildoune
Common Seal

This character follows every boat entering Gairloch Harbour

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common seal's have a more rounded disc like face and greys have a dog shape appearance to the head.


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Well-known seal

I've 'met' this seal when up at Gairloch whale-watching. I think it's been named Sammy!

Gill Sinclair
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Grey seal

This is a grey, note how the forehead smoothly slopes down into the muzzle. Check out some of the other observations here on iSpot. It's a female, note the slight concave shape to the muzzle, males have a distinct convex shape, like a true Roman nose. Also note the nostrils, they are roughly parallel; they would almost meet at the bottom forming a V shape in a common seal.

Graham Banwell

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