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Buttercups/leaves/seedheads (Help!)

Observed: 28th June 2012 By: cmp379
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Seedheads marked by arrows

First photo is of Buttercups (creeping?) I think I took the second photo of leaves of/ near the same plant and the third I think maybe the seedheads of buttercups (marked by black arrow) but i am not sure if all these are of the buttercup area or I've muddled my photos beacause I'm not sure the leaves are quite the same. Any help would be welcome!

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The second image of foliage looks like Wood Avens (Geum urbanum).

The third image of seedheads are also Geum urbanum I think.

The main flowering plant in the third image is a bramble(Rubus fruticosus agg.))

David J Trevan

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Thank you!

Thank you so much David, I am going to look up Wood Avens and Geum urbanum. I knew the bramble so I put in the black arrows but they didn't stand out as much as I hoped.
I am grateful for your help, there is so much to learn!