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Gelatinous fungi?

Observed: 2nd July 2012 By: amantell20amantell20’s reputation in Plantsamantell20’s reputation in Plants

Any ideas as to what this is? My best guess would be a gelatinous fungi something like Auricularia auricula-judae...?

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I get something similar, but

I get something similar, but greener, appearing through a breedon gravel type surfacing material.


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Thought I'd better move this

Thought I'd better move this to the plants section! This has really piqued my curiosity. I guess it is a result of the extraorinarily wet June we've just had, but does anyone know any more about it? I've seen blue-green algal growths on grassland after wet periods before but they are almost transparent and 'blobby' in appearance - nothing like this one...

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Thank you all for your help with this - having done a bit of research what a fascinating organism, or rather I should say organisms!

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This is the second failure - there have been several successes. For some reason Likely is with the Flawed ID Panel by GrizzledBadger and it should not be. Certainly Alan should have moved the Banner which shows that the iSpot computer has it wrong - very wrong!.
Nothing can be done without active Curation.
I came because there has been some recent activity related to Other Organisms in the new Test Site where I have a project to collect all the anomalous Bacteria posts. If they are actually of Bacteria then they should appear as Other Organisms NOT Plants (Algae) or Fungi.