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Female lump sucker

Observed: 17th April 2010 By: Rose BaxRose Bax’s reputation in Fish
Male Lumpsucker
female lumpsucker

This female Lumpsucker was in a rockpool at low water with a male Lumpsucker.

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Quite a few fish seem to have been given these rather unflattering names! This one is new to me.

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The male sticks to a rock to

The male sticks to a rock to look after the eggs using the sucker on it's belly.
You might have heard of lumpfish caviar it is the eggs of this fish.

R J Bax

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Roles of male and female

The grey fish on the left is a female, the one with the red belly a male.
It is unusual to see a female inshore. They usually lay their eggs and scadaddle leaving the male sticking to the rock to guard the eggs.

Douglas Herdson

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Great pictures - never seen

Great pictures - never seen one of these before

Rob Coleman