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Common Carp

Observed: 27th June 2012 By: browntrumpetbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Fish
Common Carp

Only Roach and Common Carp in this small pond

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This fish was in a tiny pond which belongs to an angling club. They assure me only roach and carp are in this pond which is so small you can virtually see ever occupant in it.

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Carp / Chub

Hi Sean, all I can add is that the dorsal fin is not that of a Common Carp which is long and extends down towards the tail more. It's definitely not a roach so perhaps there's something else in there. Regards Chris.

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Perhaps i should get some better photo's.
I'm sure the anglers would be interested to know if it is a chub, there aren't too many fish in there and certainly no one has caught a chub

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Chris is right it is a chub -

Chris is right it is a chub - it is not unusual for fish to get dumped in fishing waters by anglers who foolishly think they are improving the water