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Digger Wasp

Observed: 1st July 2012 By: Ed_PEd_P’s reputation in InvertebratesEd_P’s reputation in InvertebratesEd_P’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ectemnius Digger Wasp?
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What would be required for a species identification? I have some other shots.

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I think things like notches in the antennae but I hope you'll get some more expert feedback

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Ectemnius ID

Like a lot of things, Ectemnius are fairly straightforward to key out if you've got a specimen. I dare say you could even do it in the field with a hand lens. But ID relies on things like notches in antennal segments (in males), sculpture of the thorax and colour of hairs on clypeus (golden or silver). None of these are easy to photograph. Ideally you'd photograph it and then catch it to determine the species! Naturalist's Handbook series 'Solitary Wasps' is inexpensive and will serve you well.