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Weasel - I think!

Observed: 30th June 2012 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in MammalsAmadan’s reputation in MammalsAmadan’s reputation in Mammals

As usual, it saw us before we saw it - but managed to get these shots of it before it vanished.

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Tail tip?

Did you manage to get a look at the tip of the tail and whether it was black as in stoats? Difficult to tell whether it is stoat or weasel with the size being unclear and the demarcation between the brown and white fur hidden by the grass. Still good photos though!

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No - only the head

was seen, I'm afraid. I went over to the spot, and looking at the small depression it was in, I think that weasel is much more likely, coupled with the ears; though I know that both species are quite small anyway, and capable of skulking in surprisingly tight spaces.
The habitat was high moorland, I suppose that doesn't particularly favour either species.