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Unknown Labiate

Observed: 25th June 2012 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in Plants

Sold as (but clearly not), garden mint seeds. The plant may not be native - but I would like to put a name to it! I've re-posted it with the fully-developed inflorescence.

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Un-known Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

It has a look of a Clary (Salvia sp),but your plant has no hood , just a lip.


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Yes, puzzling -

Apart from anything else, it doesn't seem to be either a mis-labelled culinary herb (smell too faint), or a popular garden plant (flowers not very "showy"). So I'm guessing it's a - for want of a better word - wildflower being passed off for something saleable.
Hence, I hoped that the iSpotters might be able to identify it.