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Can you identify this cocoon/caterpillar?

Observed: 29th June 2012 By: ToraluToralu’s reputation in InvertebratesToralu’s reputation in Invertebrates

I found a tiny caterpillar in the half rolled leaf tip of a nettle. It was green with a black stripe down its back. I didn't manage to take a photo before it pupated but it was tiny, about the thickness of a propelling pencil lead and maybe an inch in length, I didn't see the whole thing. It pupated into a tiny what I think is a cocoon, only 9mm! It is brown and slightly ridged (looks similar to a mother of pearl cocoon only much smaller), does any one have any idea what it could be? Sorry the photo isn't very good as it is nestled in the fold of a leaf wrapped in silk and I didn't want to disturb it too much.
Thank you!

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An example of a nettle tap larva-pupa-imago sequence is at

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I managed to get a picture of what it pupated into thank you for all your help :)