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can't upload photos

hi there,can not seem to upload photos anymore ,iam using chrome but have tried firefox all lastest versions /can still upload to flickr and others but not to ispot ?
this is error,-
an http error 0 occurred.




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Me, too

although in my case it's restricted to Firefox, my preferred browser. For some reason it also fails at radio streaming, yet my laptop, connecting to the same modem by WiFi, works fine at that!
Have you had updates to your antivirus software recently? The default settings may have changed, preventing outgoing access. You can test this by temporarily disabling the antivirus - but not for too long!
You could also try creating a second, lower quality image (smaller file size) just for posting on iSPot. It might be a file size problem.

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every thing is updated tried

every thing is updated tried disabling avg and firewall still nothing,restarted router aswell,had a simarlar problem on flickr after posting to forum is seemed to sort problem on its own ! also have tried different size jpeg still nothing , help !!!

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My sympathies!

I've done some basic fault-finding on my issues, and I can rule out -
The browser (Firefox OK on other machines)
The antivirus (again, OK elsewhere)
Out-of-date add-ons etc.
It seems to be - in my case - a specific problem between the PC (Dell), O2 Router, and graphics card drivers (Nvidia). If I update the graphics card drivers, the O2 box stops working altogether:rolling back is the only cure.
The solution in my case is to use a different browser, or my favourite browser on my business laptop - not an option open to everyone.
I think it's further evidence that "PC-compatible" is an oxymoron.

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yeah ,its now works fine

yeah ,its now works fine ,thank ispot