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Moth at Wilderness Festival 2011

Observed: 13th August 2011 By: MattPostlesMattPostles’s reputation in Invertebrates
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large black and white moth

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I agree it's Lymantria monacha but hadn't come across the name "Nun Moth" before, it's always been Black Arches to me. Intrigued to know where Nun Moth comes from?

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Nun moth

monacha is Latin for a nun. Virtually every other European language which has a common name for it has a name that means the equivalent of Nun moth or Nun, also most of the scientific literature in English by non-UK scientists (of which there is a great deal since it is a pest in Europe) refers to it the Nun moth. It seems only in the UK is it the Black Arches.

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Thanks David, didn't know that.

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