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Spider identification

Hello - can anyone help to identify this spider? It a small one, just a few millimetres in body length, and I'm sure it's quite common but I couldn't find anything similar in id books yet, for some reason.

Here's a link to some clear photos:

It was found in SE London.

Many thanks if you can help!




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That link appears to be to a picture of a person getting a plastic sword out of a canal - if there is a spider in the image I cannot see it.

Your best bet is probably to create in iSpot entry for your images (use the 'Add an observation' button) rather than asking in this forum.

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I know very little about spiders but .....

I can see the spider pictures but I cannot in any way pretend I know anything about spiders. However I do have a well illustrated book 'Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe' by Michael J Roberts.

Looking at your pictures I wonder, could it be Enoplognatha ovata? The spider in the book illustration looks similar to your photos and is described as being a female (depicted with an egg sack) 4-6mm and may occur in other colour forms that are also illustrated on the plate. Its habitat is said to be low vegetation and bushes and is common thoughout Britain.

I hope this may help.

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Spider identification

Hello Ginny, many thanks for your help - I do believe you're right. I have searched on the internet further under Enoplognatha ovata and found lots of corresponding photos and information, so I can be quite confident now it matches up.

Thanks again for taking the time to look this up.