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Bumble bee constantly walking and not flying

Hi all. Just seen a bumble bee for the last 10 minutes walking across the lawn. It's Shows no interest in flying and is constantly moving and searching. I carefully moved the bumble bee to some garden flowers and immediately started feeding.

I wondered what would explain this behaviour. Surely it's easier to flying to a nectar source rather than walk. I guess the bumble bee was exhausted. Your views and thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks



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Yes,they do this when

Yes,they do this when exhausted with cold or hunger. Walking takes a lot less energy than flying. Glad you managed to rescue it.

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they need to warm there body before they can fly and this weather were having is playing havoc with them I also say it is the best thing if you can get them onto a food source I sometimes let them stay on my hand until they warm up as they need heat and they won't sting you.


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Thanks for your comments

Very helpful and much appreciated.