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Lichen on lavender twig

Observed: 26th June 2012 By: Flora Bunda
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Lichen on lavender branch
Lichen on Lavender branch
Lichen on lavender branch
Lichen on lavender branch
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Yellow foliose lichen, spreading across the lavender stalks, lobes are broad and spreading and have 'jam tart' like fruits. Xanthoria parietina or Xanthoria polycarpa ?
Pale grey foliose lichen. Hypogymnia physodes.


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The grey growth...

... looks like Physcia to me. The original images are small, but I think I can make out the hooded lobe tips of Physcia adscendens in pic 1. Physcia tenella is probably here too.


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Thanks very much, Nigel!

Thanks very much, Nigel! I've zoomed into the first photo and cropped, but the photo soon pixelates! Hope it shows the lichen a little clearer!

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I am confident that your final photo shows P. adscendens.


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It's worth bearing in mind that P. tenella often has somewhat hooded tips before the tip rolls back to expose the soredia.

I am not saying that P. adscendens is incorrect, but I don't see anything that I feel sure isn't P. tenella. Commonly they grow together of course.


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Thank you, Alan!! I am well

Thank you, Alan!! I am well and truly out of my depth here!!