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Carpobrotus sp.

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This is perhaps Carpobrotus chilensis or a hybrid.

It certainly is not C. edulis. Also because of the ease in which carpobrotus hybridise I would be extremely hesitant to name any clone.
Both edulis (African) and C chilensis (Chile) create hybrid swarms in California and both species hybridise with Disphyma australe and other congeners in New Zealand. Incidentally some years ago a lady scientist in the UK was doing a DNA study of resident Aizoaceae to try to ascertain parentage.

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I wrote this in 2007.

Two or so years ago, Dr Julie Hawkins, School of Plant Sciences,
Reading University, was given a grant to perform DNA studies of the
naturalised carpobrotus populations in the south of the UK., (on the
Lizard Peninsula) while similar work was to be performed in Southern
Africa. Such work should provide insights to the origins and probable
hybridity of the UK populations. Yet so far I have seen nothing
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Not edulis

Derrick, I very much appreciate the insight that your comments have provided into this genus of plants. Had I been aware of these facts I would not have provided a species name. As it was, none of my books even hinted at a related species, not even the RHS Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers.

I have changed the title of the posting although I have noted that you have not added a revised acidification.